Research interests

  • Disciplinary: Comparative & international political economy, economic sociology
  • Theoretical: Business power, ideational approaches
  • Substantive: Industrial policy, EU external policy, climate change, social construction of markets
  • Methodological: Social network analysis, text-as-data, expert interviewing

Academic positions and fellowships

Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies

Visiting Researcher \hfill 2022

Radboud University:

Junior Lecturer in Political Science and Economics \hfill 2018-2019


European University Institute:

Doctoral candidate in Political and Social Sciences \hfill 2019-present

Master of Research in Political and Social Sciences \hfill 2019-2020

Radboud University:

MSc Political Science (cum laude) \hfill 2016-2018

BSc Political Science \hfill 2013-2016


\begin{center} \textit{Refereed articles and book chapters} \end{center}

\begin{description} \item 2022 As Open as Possible, as Autonomous as Necessary: Understanding the Rise of Open Strategic Autonomy in EU Trade Policy. \textit{JCMS: The Journal of Common Market Studies}. With Timo Seidl.

\item 2020 From Coherence to Coheritization. Explaining the rise of Policy Coherence in EU External Policy. \textit{Globalizations 17}(4). With Thomas R. Eimer.

\item 2020 Power (ful) and Power (less): A Review of Power in the ESG Scholarship, in: Michele M. Betsil, Tabitha M. Benney \& Andrea Gerlak (eds): \textit{Agency in Earth Governance}, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2020. with Andrea K. Gerlak and colleagues.


\begin{center} \textit{Work in progress} \end{center}

\begin{description} \item Europe First? The EU Commission as a developmental Network State promoting and protecting the single market. \textit{R\&R at the Journal of European Public Policy}. With Donato Di Carlo.

\item The Sunshine Problem: Climate Change, Reallocation, and the Commodifying Power of the State. \textit{MPIfG Discussion paper (under review)}. With Timur Ergen.

\item Moving on not to Fall Behind? Digital sovereignty and the EU’s new competition and industrial policies. \textit{Journal of European Public Policy (under review)}. With Timo Seidl.

\item Polanyi and List meet in Brussels. Two Versions of Digital Sovereignty and the Future of EU Digital Policymaking. \textit{Working paper}. With Timo Seidl.

\item Fearing Forward? State Building, Industrial Policy, and the European Union. \textit{Early stage working paper}.

\item 30 Years on: Revisiting the European Bargain. \textit{Early stage working paper}. With Johanna Breuer.


\begin{center} \textit{Conference papers} \end{center}

\begin{description} \item 2022 Collaborative Advantage in a Geopolitical World: How the European Commission fosters innovation in the Single Market. With Donato Di Carlo.

\item 2021 Protecting, Transforming, and Projecting the Single Market. Open Strategic Autonomy and Digital Sovereignty in the EU’s Trade and Digital Policies. \textit{Soc-Arxiv preprint}. With Timo Seidl.

\item 2021 Dealing with Disruption: the Politics of Industrial Renewal in the European Union.

\item 2020 Yet another bailout? The Pre- and Post-COVID 19 politics of the new EU industrial policy. With Angela Wigger.


\begin{center} \textit{Media and policy papers} \end{center}


\item 2023 De Europese markt heeft industriepolitiek op Europees niveau nodig [The European Market Needs EU-level Industrial Policy]. With Jasper van Dijk. \url{}.

\item 2022 As Open as Possible, as Autonomous as Necessary. Understanding the Rise of Open Strategic Autonomy. With Timo Seidl. \textit{Ideas on Europe blog}. \url{}.

\item 2020 Reflections on how COVID-19 is reshaping the EU’s industrial strategy. \textit{EUIdeas blog}. \url{}.

\item 2015 Central and Eastern European countries at the crossroads: Why governments should reject investment arbitration in TTIP. With Cecilia Olivet. \textit{TNI policy brief}. \url{}. \end{description}

Funding and awards

\begin{description} \item 2019-2023 PhD Scholarship at the European University Institute (EUI \& Nuffic), fully funded

\item 2022 EUSA: selected for JEPP special issue for best conference papers (Europe First? The EU Commission as a developmental Network State promoting and protecting the single market).



\begin{center} \textit{Keynotes and guest lectures} \end{center}

\begin{description} \item 2022 \textit{European Industrial Policy and the Shocks of the Global}. Guest lecture, Radboud University, Netherlands

\item 2020 \textit{Do the crises Europe faces necessitate a federal European State?} Thoughts for Europe debate series, European University Institute, Fiesole


\begin{center} \textit{Radboud University} \end{center}

Five undergraduate courses plus supervision of six BA theses in 2018-2019.

  • Academic skills

  • Economics of the management sciences

  • Linear regression analysis

  • Comparative governance

  • The politics of EU crisis management since the 2008 financial crisis

Committees and memberships

2020- Co-chair of the EUI political economy work group (with Nils Oellerich)



Journal for European Public Policy, Global Political Economy

Conferences and Workshops

\begin{description} \item 2023 European Workshop in International Studies, Amsterdam. 12-14 July.

\item 2023 Council For European Studies, Reykjavik. 27-29 June.

\item 2023 Workshop on EU Industrial Policy at European University Institute - invited participant. Hewlett Foundation \& Georgetown Univeristy. 13-14 April.

\item 2023 SISEC (Socieà Italiana di Socilogia Economica), Brescia, 8-10 February.

\item 2022 34\textsuperscript{th} International Conference of the Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics (SASE), Digital Economy Network. 9-11 July.

\item 2022 28\textsuperscript{th} International Conference of Europeanists. Council for European Studies (CES). 29 June-1 July.

\item 2022 11\textsuperscript{th} Biennial Conference of the ECPR Standing Group on the European Union. 8-10 June.

\item 2022 17\textsuperscript{th} EUSA Biennial Conference. 19-21 May.

\item 2021 14\textsuperscript{th} General Conference of the European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR).

\item 2021 33\textsuperscript{rd} International Conference of the Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics (SASE), Digital Economy Network. 3-5 June.

\item 2021 27\textsuperscript{th} International Conference of Europeanists. Council for European Studies (CES). 24-26 June.

\item 2021 First Doctoral Conference on the Social and Political Constitution of the Economy. Max Planck Institute For the Study of Societies. 24-26 March.

\item 2020 [Cancelled due to COVID-19] 19\textsuperscript{th} annual Politicologenetmaal, Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

\item 2018 17\textsuperscript{th} annual Politicologenetmaal, Leiden, the Netherlands. \end{description}


\begin{center} \textit{Methods and training} \end{center}

Quantitative methods (EUI), qualitative methods (EUI), measurement in the social sciences (Levi Littvay), social network analysis (Arnout van de Rijt), text-as-data (EUI), interviewing (EUI HEC), Introduction to higher education teaching (EUI)

\begin{center} \textit{Languages} \end{center}

Dutch (native), English (fluent), German (good), Italian (good), French (conversational)

\begin{center} \textit{Programming \& formatting languages} \end{center}

R, Markdown, Quarto, Latex, Python

\begin{center} \textit{Software} \end{center}

Rstudio, Discourse network analyzer, Gephi, Zotero


Anton Hemerijck \vspace{-0.2cm}

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